Biography - Jakub Junek

I was born in 1988 in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. I began playing the violin at six under the abounding support of my grandfather, a trumpet player for Czech Philharmonic for many years. Luckily for me, I still enjoy his patronage today.
As a youth, I was taught at the Music School of the Capital City of Prague by Mrs. Hana Metelková and at the Dunická Elementary School of Music by Mr. Harbi Shabu. I began secondary school education at the Jan Neruda Gymnasium of Music, where for four years, I was taught by Prof. Jiří Novák. Today, I am thoughtfully looked after by Professor Pavel Kudelásek, who conducts studies for me at the Prague Conservatory.
We concentrate primarily on solo playing. To acquire additional experience, I have participated in various musical courses (Hudeček courses in Luhačovice, summer courses in Bechyne, Pro Corda courses in Great Britain and also the Meadowmount School of Music in the USA in the class of Prof. Charles Avsharian).
From school through the present, my violin peers and I have met at many competitions - I have been less successful in some, particularly at an early age, but still have happy memories (I played at the Prague competition of young instrumentalists, the Jarní Petrklíč (Spring Primrose), the nationwide competition of Czech music schools; I brought home absolute victory from the violin competition in Nova Paka in 2004; I was second in 2000 at the renowned competition Prague Junior Note; and in 2005, I won my category in the competition of all conservatories of the Czech Republic. I also highly prize third place at the famous Kocian Competition in Ústí nad Orlicí). I would also like to note the list of my solo performances in the Dvořák Hall at the Prague Rudolfina, where in 2001, I performed the 1st Movement of Bach's Violin Concerto in A minor, together with the orchestra.
In the context of studies at the conservatory, like all of my classmates, I am intensively devoted to orchestral pieces (the orchestra of the Prague Conservatory and the Quattro orchestra). Recently, my interests have turned toward chamber music and I have relatively extensive experience with multi-member chamber groups in the Czech Republic as well as in Great Britain. I have also enjoyed working with my classmate, Ivan Vokáč, with whom we created a cello-violin duo in 2005 and over time we have put together a relatively interesting repertoire for this non-traditional pairing. With a composition by B. Martinů (Duo for violin and cello no. 1), we participated in the international recording competition of Czech radio, the Concertino Praga, in 2005 and the verdict of the international jury regarding our absolute victory in this competition was a great stimulus to us for further work.
I am not one of the ascetic violinists and I try to find time for other interests and hobbies. I enjoy playing soccer, ping-pong or squash. If time permits, I go bowling or play golf with friends. I go to the cinema frequently and out for Czech beer or Moravian wine with my friends from the conservatory or the gymnasium.
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